Friday, May 9, 2008


I received a Maxim magazine in the mail and I never ordered it. I contacted Maxim and they were great about discontinuing the magazine and I asked how I had ended up with the subscription in the first place. They basically said that it came through a broker and gave me a number to refer to. This was for M2Mags their phone number is 203 542-0101. I called the number but it is just recordings. There are no options to talk to anyone. I was very frustrated every number sent me to an e-mail address or a mailing address. I have no idea who these people are or how they got my information. I do not want to write to them because I do not want to encourage getting on one of their mailing lists.

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Travis said...

Hey, what number did you use to get a hold of maxim? I have the same issue, but can't find the number for maxim and they won't refund my money via e-mail. M2Mags... Funny, their recordings say 'We'll never charge your card..." Oh really? 'cuz you did! Thanks for any help!